Referral Program

Referral Program


Would you like two months of lattes or a month of gas free? Our referral program can do just that! Get extra cash in your pocket when you refer a friend that buys a car. Just email your salesman your friend's name and contact information. He will contact your friend and when they drive away in their new or used vehicle you get $200. We will also donate 300 pounds of food to Rotary First Harvest in your name even if they don't buy a car.

Any referral sent by a referrer, must not have visited the dealership prior to the submission of the referral to qualify for any monies offered by the dealership. A referrer is not eligible to collect a referral fee if they are a part of the buying transaction. In the event this referral has been referred previously, whom ever referred them first will take precedence according to the timestamp of the emails. Referral fees are paid by Way Scarff Ford Auburn after completion of referrals transaction

If you do not find your salesman with the link above or you do not have a salesman. You can still participate in the program just email our sales manager.

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