Ford’s Transit Connect Inspires Confidence

Whether you are carrying valuable equipment to the job site, transporting the choir to church, or simply bringing your kids to the park, the Ford Transit Connect Passenger Wagon is truly inspiring.

The standard rearview camera, connected to a console-mounted viewscreen, provides a clear video image from the moment you shift into reverse. Seeing what is behind you before you back up provides an added safety layer. The rearview camera is also an invaluable aid when aligning your trailer hitch to a trailer or when backing into a close-quarters parking spot.

The multi-point airbag safety canopy system offers protection from different types of collisions. A “head-on” collision activates the front airbags. A side “T-Bone” collision instantly activates side curtain airbags, providing a cushion between an occupant’s head and side view windows. As the occupant’s head is snapped sideways, the side curtain airbags help prevent impact injuries, as well as shielding the occupants head from broken glass.

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