Turn Heads During Each Trip in a Ford Flex Vehicle

The Ford Flex has many interior and exterior design elements that stand out. However, the most attractive features are its glossy chrome grille and bright HID headlamps.

As the Ford Flex cruises along a highway, its chrome grille shines. The metal material reflects light very dramatically, and its glossy finish gives the Ford Flex a distinctive profile. Thanks to the grille's strategic layout and placement, it doesn't clash with the headlamp hardware. Instead, it effectively highlights the lamps and seamlessly integrates with the Ford Flex's entire exterior design scheme. When the lamps are on, they make the grille stand out at night, and they don't waste energy during the process.

The easiest way to check out the Ford Flex's grille and headlamps is by visiting Scarff Ford. At our dealership, we let potential buyers examine different trims on the lot and during test drives. We provide these customer service perks to locals in Auburn, WA and surrounding areas.

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