Special Ford Mustang Handling Features

The iconic Ford Mustang is known for its power, speed, and sharp design. Sports car fans have been drawn to the Mustang for generations, enjoying its horsepower-rich engine selections and performance-based engineering. The new Ford Mustang has an impressive set of features, including special handling systems that gives drivers ultimate control on any type of road.

The most exciting handling feature found in the new Ford Mustang is the MagneRide Damping System. This innovative handling and steering system can help smooth out any imperfections or bumps you encounter while turning heads in your Mustang. The patented MagneRide Dampening System in new Mustangs responds to bumps and uneven road surfaces by making up to 1000 micro-adjustments per second to keep you level and well-cushioned at any speed.

Another handling feature you'll appreciate discovering in the Ford Mustang is the independent rear suspension. Ford designed the rear suspension on this sports car to operate independently and correct for any uneven stretches of road. Test-drive a Ford Mustang at Scarff Ford today and feel the improved handling for yourself!

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