Design Features of the Ford Taurus

Ford's most popular full-size sedan, the Taurus, has enjoyed decades as a corporate favorite for business trips and as a comfortable choice for the daily carpool. In keeping with the times, the new Taurus is smooth, sleek and aerodynamic.

The Taurus features an aerodynamic redesign from its front grille to its LED tail lights. Sweeping lines soften the vehicle's outline and draw the eye to the striking five-lobed flower petal or alternate snowflake design of the hubcaps. Choose the SHO trim to upgrade the grille design to a fine mesh and add high-intensity discharge headlights that engage automatically in dim light. Chrome accents lend a touch of class throughout.

If you'd like to test drive the Ford Taurus, you're welcome to visit us at Scarff Ford in Auburn, WA. We have an extensive selection of Ford Taurus’ to choose from and can answer any questions you might have about its many design features.

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